Social media. It’s important and It can be confusing when there’s so many media’s. I wanted to be able to post to as many as possible to maximize potential traffic and for search engines. But for the most part the 3 main ones are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You see them often on products. They can be connected where as from Instagram directly your post is posted to the other 2. Still Facebook is number 1, but you wouldn’t want your every tweet to be posted on Instagram or FB.

Instagram is like the foundation of FB and Twitter. I think of Twitter like a Fb but more live. The main media to tweet or share anything in the real time what’s happening now with hashtags and is also good for news, following your favorite games, companies, friends. I hope this post helps the world use Twitter like it supposed to like how president Trump uses it is a good example- instead of simply posting every single thing to Facebook.

Snapchat worth noting to eliminate confusion Is like Twitter’s counterpart but for videos, pics with filters , and is more private. Snapchat is more exclusive. Lots of fun features with Snapchat communication. I could never get into it. Sometimes see people giving there Snapchat out as some kind of a reward I don’t get it. – As for Oppa apparently it’s Instagram but with money ? I guess for posting the same thing that’s on Instagram.There’s plenty of places to sell your photos as it is so it’s a waste of time trying hard to post something special unique there just for hope you know; Oppa isn’t that serious.

If you’ve seen the kinds of social plugins there are for WordPress you know they could also post to your Facebook pages. Your company and public figure profiles. For this I don’t know I’m just utilizing both pages and personal.

And then there’s Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+ Aka Blogger. And the one I dislike most is LinkedIn but it matters a little bit. I just think of these as extra places for my blogposts to sit on. Among several other places not listing in this post right now.

Youtube-King of video content. Tutorials, music, etc. Sometimes or often might see the blogpost you just read but in video form. This is because 85% of traffic comes from videos and they’re simply trying to amplify their reach. Maybe people would rather watch/listen over read.

Twitch – King of livestream content – there’s tons of different livestream sites but twitch is the most successful one. Counterproductive/too much of hassle+ If made affiliate/partner it’s against the rules to livestream to multiple channels at once. Periscope however is weird, can only go live with your phone. There could be thousands of people watching someone just sitting in front of their dry erase board just talking for hours. It’s like why not just watch someone do more than just that, like play some games live.

Patreon – Best exclusive subscription type video content site. I figure for posting videos such as reaction vids to episodes of your favorite shows or movies, or to monetize a specific activity that you don’t want posted on YouTube. Some videos just get taken down by YouTube easily and are just allowed on Patreon.

Reddit – Popular forum. Also good for extending your reach but must make sure your posting to the right place there.

Steam – Another great community;games/content curation, groups.

Discord – its the future of Skype. Skype is no longer the thing to use; it has lag issues. There’s a lot more to Discord than you’d think. The system;community and features are well made. Random note – Apex Legends voice chat sounds so horrible.

Alternatively beyond all that, some people might answer loads of questions on Yahoo Answers or Quora, Reddit, other websites;forums as effort to draw in more traffic to their links.

So in conclusion the 3 main giants are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Hashtags can/should be used on all 3 to make the most out of them. As well as tumblr, and i’m sure others. Careful, one can use too much hashtags. And you must follow, like, share stuff, add people, comment, communicate or otherwise you won’t get that far with media. It takes some work. Probably makes sense to be on Twitter more than any other media but Facebook seems to be the main one with more interaction.

If I’m missing something here feel free to let me know.

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