When you see all these websites/domains or as online properties I like to think of them as, it can be intimidating with all the content up and ads set nicely (they’re everywhere- ads 1 way to bring in some money). After you’ve officially got your property, and are comfortable with your theme, plugins, host, and have tested the speed and have got a high valued domain based on keywords/ your brand…(will do thorough posts/vids later on how I set up my site there’s a lot to it but once you know it’s fairly easy).

All that’s left to do then is to start making great fresh content! The hardest part. So what should your first blogpost be? You shouldn’t stress too much about this like I did- best thing to do is just blog about whatever is most on your mind that you can’t stop thinking about – and I know there could be hundreds; thousands of things on your mind wanting to get out there – just have to blog the thing that you feel you should first and from there it’ll get easier and before you know it you’ll have plenty of fresh content up forever full of nice keywords.

What to blog about? Anything- everything you think would be valuable. It’s true there’s a lot – an overwhelming amount of information on the internet already as it is. You can find a blogpost or video on literally everything your mind can think of. This can be a little discouraging but what the internet doesn’t have already is you. What it comes down to in the end is it’s about what you have to offer the world. Everybody makes posts/videos or live-streams differently.

Why blog or livestream at all? Why even go through the trouble to own a domain website? Money. Monetizing your life what you do what you buy whyyy- while productively helping others. Up forever; search engines helping/(SEO-Search Engine Optimization; – all about the keywords)like I said above- websites are basically like online internet properties;the advantage is huge. Of course you can’t always blog with pure money on your mind- have to genuinely make that helpful content work at it everyday. Set up everything nice. To me blogposts is like providing high quality helpful information for free—in long run it pays off thru ads/reviews;commission/referrals/affiliates/fans/subscriptions/tips/follows/ likes/shares or thru a store/their own merch or digital products( thats a whole blogpost for later)—— like what info could you put in a paid ebook that isn’t already out there for free? I feel like it’d have to be an original story or something but idk anyone that spends time reading story ebooks?

This is my third post and it a relief finishing this one to. 😃 feels good to get it out there as well so I could finally stop thinking about it but man I’ve got more more more I want to get done. Please like/share/follow/comment to help support me. More posts on the way.

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