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Everyone needs it to feel good; it’s the root of all evil. Everything worth doing costs something and nothing is free. Money; It’s water, food, shelter; land, clothing, sleep, hygiene, electricity, entertainment, travel. It’s medicine. Without money, there’s nothing but nature. If you have plenty of it you’ve got the whole world in your hands. You can do anything. It’s extremely great being wealthy; never having to worry about those things or bills ever again.

Everything is so god damn expensive nowadays as if the world is run by wealthy greedy jerks milking it for as much as they can with the mindset “lets give them just barely nothing so they work for us forever; atleast 70 yrs(most of your life). Seems like majority of companys;jobs are doing this. Both professional careers; and non pro, – either way the big picture is the same. Basically slavery with extra steps. Makes me feel so sick and tired of earth thinking about it – all the misery, wars, depression going on in world…. because of money. Even college is expensive, people in debt afterwards, unable to find a good job and get passed it. And yet even teachers aren’t paid enough. The really sick thing is all the charitys that exist – people with money much rather donate a large amount to charitys to make themselves feel better like they made a difference in world as if charitys actually do much any good…..instead of actually changing someones life with something livable. I don’t get it. Like its something to boast about ohhh well I donated x amount to this charity.

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There’s most likely planets out there where everyone is wealthy and happy. Technology;society is so advanced that there’s never any issues. Infinite universes.

I’m a little bit frustrated, but more broke and all out of options of what the fuck I can do on top of dishing out couple blogposts when mood strikes and trying to make it twitch live streaming, and stuff. Some people; i’m sure I cant be the only one; own a nice car but can’t even fucking Uber, or Lyft, or even work at Amazon. The 3 giants you’d think you’d most definately have reliable work at and could move up a little bit…..due to some giant asshole using my info under false pretenses and bouncing 10gs under my name and more,) your a lowlife scumbag if all you do is that shit and scam people for a living) and the New Jersey corrupt police not doing their job by not slapping the felony on the actual guy they had him as suspect his pic and video footage. Expungement doesn’t work, happened 10 yrs ago and still cursed with it. It sticks forever on companies records. Much rather be doing agriculture work instead of them or computer work or even starred in some movie or show just saying but yeah. Pretty much everything is about money… it’s the fucking worst when you can’t even afford your prescription medicine. When I’m wealthy I know I’ll be different from the rest, I’ll actually make a difference. I’d provide more than a living to a lot of people.

Another couple things I must say its bullshit a mechanic of NJ Freehold Cartage can only be paid $12 an hour or less repairing or replacing truck parts – a matter of life and death on road (can’t live off that shit! What is this a fast food or retail gig?!) the guy who owns the whole place is a wealthy millionaire even has his damn name on a hospital from donating.. sure that’s something but when you don’t reflect your generosity at your company either in terms of employees actually making enough for a living? What a character. Also bullshit $10 to drive a big ass truck of like Cjp Group company and load old mattresses dirty old trashy bedbugs just to sell to places that turn them into “brand new” for resale illegally (GROSS). If you google Nj Lakewood Cjp Group the website lies about what they do. There’s been constant invesitgators lied to; brushed off. The owner Jim, even lies about his name being Dave (Wtf?!).

Additionally, I don’t think its “right” at all that for jobs like a Fedex driver – or any job requiring you drive – if thc comes up in a drug test ( marijuana gets 0 respect as legit medicine regardless of all the scientific facts from a lot of ignorant people its bullshit and I wish the world was incapable of being ignorant)

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It’s bullshit it’s always disclosed that your prescribed marijuana and your automatically rejected. With absolutely no regard to how amazing your driving record is or work experience or need for money. With that logic – why even give drivers licenses out? I mean really – it seems like major discrimination; judgement. Thc stays in system for atleast what 30 days? There’s really no way to test if your driving under the influence – just a huge rejection with assumption. Indeed; all those job inquiry websites, the dumb tests and questions, all the unnecessary requirements smh please pretty much every single job can train someone they just don’t want to. They make it out to be like the job is incredibly hard – so much is needed for it. Please.

Conclusion – a lot of corruption and fucked up things in this world. It all starts with money. Car insurance a scam as it is but it’s fucked up how if someone else caused the accident you still get punished. There be even cops that will single you out give you a ticket for anything they possibly can like even for a tiny car scent thing hanging from mirror even though there’d be like 50 other people right near you with random; even larger objects hanging from there too and they don’t get stopped( a lot of people have something hanging if you just take a look everywhere you go lol ). Also I’ve met some people basically complaining about their cozy high paying jobs but saying they know they can’t really complain because they got lucky with obtaining it, it’s not that bad they say but I mean anyone could do their job it’s not hard at all yet it’s so high cozy paying. Do you know people like that? Then you know what I’m talking about.

Few years from now or sooner than a year, I’m really hoping to be somewhere much higher and that this website stuff pays off somehow someway any-way. Rock bottom right now so can only go up from here. Hope to be as popular as Asmongold, Ninja, Tfue, Dr Disrespect, Sodapoppin, Shroud, Timthetatman, Sonii, Fearitself, Greekgodx, Esfand, to name a few. And if your as frustrated as I am even in the same exact; similar ironic boat as me the best thing we can do is keep moving, follow your heart and hope for the best. Absolutely nothing happens if you just sleep mope around depressed and or even if you keep settling for dead end shit jobs/stay with your shitty dead end job for years!! ( Feel like there is such a thing as too much shitty experience). Universe works in funny ways. I have to keep telling myself it’s got bigger plans for me and all this bullshit that’s happened is it’s way of putting the plan into action. All I can do is keep doing what I been doing and hope. Feels better getting this all out there off my chest out in the world. Hoping good comes out of all of this. I apologize if this blogpost seemed more like a rant/ I feel like its all a productive statement; valuable some way in keywords and seo.

World Of Warcraft Vanilla Classic 240 more hours to go and world will finally be open. The worlds greatest game ever created!!!! Fuck ruined WoW BFA! > It will be the main game I competitively play. Extramillion is my character name going for Herod PvP realm. Shadowpriest/heals/ engineer and tailor. Please join me at help support me.

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