You’re welcome to be on this list if requested via Discord – . List will be similar to the Featured list as described here, with a number/rank system. Twitch plugins and things already in place – but this is just an extra thing I thought people might appreciate as an extra incentive so it’s not just a one way street of you giving me a hand out. You’re gaining something back in return for your support. Traffic. The best part is first come, first serve. If your a loyal subscriber and your the first one to subscribe to me / gift your subscription from your monthly daily free amazon prime twitch membership…and you keep using it, you will remain number 1 on this list. So one can see the value in this especially if you’ve done you’re homework you see I own google results. I’m constantly driving around with a marker advertisement of my site red white and blue… for america, on my car. I’m doing a lot to advertise and I’m not stopping. It pays off a lot to be first at some things. Unsubscriber’s will be eliminated.

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