The Story – The username / brand name Extramillions (Some games no s) began with reading an article by Forbes written in yr 2014 or 2016, according to them at that time, you needed about $2 million to retire comfortably and that struck the idea. The domain was appraised premium high, username was available everywhere fortunately and I knew it was for me and was great SEO so I went with it. Felt real lucky; Inspiration – Joel Osteen, Zodiac signs; I’m a Gemini (means I get along with most scientifically), and seeing the same specific numbers consistently, I believe those numbers have meaning and the supernatural; angels, higher beings, or loved ones are trying to guide or communicate with you, good omens, signs.

You know it’s not said lightly, or anything to brag about but I think it’s very supernatural how I’ve actually survived being dead from a miraculous over 5 min ( And there’s records for ppl being dead way longer than that and coming back so w/e ), I’m not ashamed to admit I tried to end it with like 40 sleeping pills in my teen yrs. Doctors were amazed, bedazzled that I came out of it with no harm at all. They told me how super rare it was, that majority of the time patients ended up brain dead, a vegetable, unable to walk or talk. I’ll never forget that they said that. Additionally seems more supernatural I’ve been able to obtain the username Extramillions everywhere. Maybe be spooked out a little bit about it. I’ve had some very unexplained supernatural things happen I wish I had recorded like a bathroom door randomly closing loudly like super fast – , when no one was home but me & windows were closed, no wind. Long story short of course I did something that might’ve provoked that because I was curious, and that’s how it happened.

Like the famous Amazon recently said as they were talking about their name and how big they became and with their plans from the beginning – They never meant to have a very niche specific name for a reason. I’ve been researching, experimenting trying with everything and working on website things for 10+ yrs now from inside out; I’ve been thru tons of problems and managed to resolve them – I feel like a professional by now just lacking the computer whatever certificate for a nice more than livable high salary pay job that I’ll likely be pursuing and will fly right thru it. I intend on providing the world with amazing ebooks full of valuable info. < – Fantastic if my brand is trending and I get a lot of referrals / viewers / subscribers. I like to think Extramillions as a positive brand that’s all about the good stuff; great products, services, affiliates, vibes, passions, interests. – > It’s funny thinking I had passive revenue; income – entrepreneur work on my mind for as long as I could remember – I never gave up over the yrs I kept trying and trying and feel confident it will pay off. Surprised how much I’ve learned about websites; codes, tech stuff without intending to.

Image by D Zigner

Blogposts – I won’t post many but when I do it will be something productive; postworthy up forever with or without affiliate referral link; some may be edited from time to time.

Shop Notes – Rare World Of Warcraft TCG loot cards, Pokemon , Yugioh , to coins / bills, art , old novelty stuff, misc, digital, apparel items; All items will be priced fairly, and posted after doing further updated price research to be positive and fair. NOTE – Because of website space and other reasons – Apparel will be extremely limited, and exclusive, It will be random how long or how many apparel items will be posted/allowed to be purchased. This is not a dropshipping trying to rip people off site or some crazy site like here’s 10 piles of info, promises and guarantees where nothing ends up working out and you run into infuriating problems. Refer to FAQ page about shipping info & more. 

Services – Other than livestreaming, my store, blog posts/premium posts, or whatever, it’s a positive community for gamers, streamers, collectors, stock / crypto traders ; Entrepreneurs via Discord or stream – Seeking streamers to be hosted on my channel when I’m offline for a mutual only benefit – must be family friendly; play similar games ; if were a reg team mate I play / stream with that’d be cool.