– Shipping Info –
What is the estimated delivery time and how is it calculated?

Estimated delivery time (EDT) is a prediction of when an order could be delivered to you. The EDT is the sum of estimated fulfillment and shipping time. Think:

Estimated Fulfillment + Estimated Shipping = Estimated delivery time

My fulfillment time average is 2–5 business days for non-apparel products and 2–7 business days for apparel products. When I calculate the estimated fulfillment time, I take into account the current order volume and my capacity.

The estimated shipping time is calculated according to historical shipping data for deliveries to your area or selling region.

The estimated delivery time is just an estimate, it’s not a guarantee. You can receive the order past the EDT for reasons, like:

Issues with print/embroidery files
Products being out of stock
Shipping related delays like failed delivery attempts, service disruptions
That being said, I’ll work my hardest to meet my delivery estimates. If you’re ever in a situation where you haven’t received the order and it’s past its EDT, please allow a few more days. Get in touch with me at Contact. I’ll check your order status and let you know how to proceed.

– For Rare Coins;Bills, Pokemon, Yugioh, WoW TCG Loot Cards/Packs/Boxes & Misc –
Will be handled with care, shipped discreetly, insured and with tracking. Shipping time depends on what is selected.

Overall – Items/Digital/Apparel items; All products will be priced fairly, and posted after doing further updated price research to be positive and fair. NOTEBecause of website space and other reasons – Merchandise will be extremely limited, and exclusive, It will be random how long or how many sales of a apparel/misc item will be posted/allowed to be purchased. This is not a dropshipping trying to rip people off site or some crazy site like here’s 10 piles of info, promises and guarantees where nothing ends up working out and you run into infuriating problems. Believe in the confidence. Precious items will be shipped anonymously with no problems.

-Bank statement will read Extramillions. –